Coach Dobbins remembers Kasie Moore

kasie (Demo)

By Samantha Pendergraft

We asked Peace Softball Coach Charlie Dobbins to tell us what he will remember most about Kasie Moore.

“Kasie was very passionate about everything…
She was very dedicated to her studies…and expected all around her to follow that path..
She considered her spot on the Pacer softball team as an honor, earned by work hard academically and on the ball field… She pushed all around her to be better..
As an athlete, her never say die attitude helped cheer her team on in every game.
She had a 10 foot tall and bullet proof attitude, no matter who she was facing..
She felt she was the answer…. she didn’t need to know the question..
She was especially passionate about the concept of team first. She cheered for every batter, and worked hard to put her team in a position to win…
This is a huge loss to our program and our school… She would have been a tremendous advocate for everything that is Peace, and we will miss her dearly…
We need to warp our arms around her memory, and embrace Lindsey every day.
This is gonna be tough for those of us left behind….We need to be strong together.”

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