A guy's perspective on Peace: So far, so good

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By Sean Hargrove

I am happy to say that I made it through my first week of college. I went through ups and downs but ultimately I came out on top.
I’ve talked to many of my male classmates about being among the first group of males to attend William Peace University, and most of us are excited to be part of the school’s history.

Our families are proud, and it’s important for us to make a good impression. We are capable of setting the standards high for other men to attend this university.

I’ve found that the faculty and staff view us no differently, and are willing to help us in any area. I’m a transfer student from St. Augustine’s College, and I find there is much academic support at Peace. I’ve been telling some of the first-year students that it’s important to get tutoring now if you’re struggling, rather than waiting until mid-term grades come out. Once you are behind, it’s very hard to catch back up.

Overall, I think we will make a great impression and mark on this campus as the first males to attend Peace. I hope as college students we can inspire more males, not only to attend Peace, but to go to college and pursue that dream that they always wanted to pursue.

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