Review: Fox's Liquor Bar

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Fox’s Liquor Bar mixes unique, well crafted drinks and laid back vibes
in a fashionably relaxed setting.
Fox’s is the most recent edition to the collection of Ashley
Christensen restaurants that reside on the corner of Wilmington and
Martin streets in Downtown Raleigh. While the menu is a bit pricey for
a college student’s budget, it is a great option for a date or a
special night out when one would rather avoid the masses of people in
a club.
A Fox’s experience begins after a short wait in a line when turning to
go down the old brick steps heading towards the heavy, lime green door
that opens to the dimly lit basement.
It was surprising to note the lack of crowd, which accounted for the
wait, they intentionally keep the patrons down to a minimum. The
atmosphere was instantly inviting and without pretension that you
sometimes find in upscale establishments.
The room was filled with large leather couches and industrial style
metal accents, with a long bar against an exposed brick wall. Finding
a seat at the bar took little time and menus of the drink lists and
available hors d’oeuvres were readily available.
If you’re unable to choose a drink, you have the option of consulting
a bartender to prepare you one suited to your tastes. All drinks are a
flat $11 but the quality ingredients and artisan care in every one is
worth it.
The preset cocktail menu included every part of the mixed drink
spectrum, from stiff classics such as the Dark and Stormy to the
ultimate girly dessert drink, the Marie Antoinette. They include the
fresh ingredients stored right behind the bar and watching the
bartender create your drink with these was like watching a chef
prepare dinner at your table.
Restrooms always seem to be an issue when going out, but Fox’s has
several single person, unisex toilets. Instead of feeling you might
step or sit in something unpleasant  while a drunk patron bangs on the
door, they were clean and intensely private.
The only disappointing factor about the entire place was that there
wasn’t a courtyard to enjoy your drink in the night air, but it being
in a basement makes that pretty impossible.
Fox’s Liquor Bar made a very surprising impression: comfortable, a lot
of bang for your buck, and somewhere I wouldn’t mind making my go to
Downtown haunt.
There’s no need to dress any certain way to be welcomed warmly, your
patronage is enough.

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