The male species take on Peace

After more than 150 years, William Peace University has not only
changed its name but also added a strange, new company to its campus.
The former all-women’s school is now accompanied by men, and they seem
to be fitting right in.
“I love it here, and I can’t wait to play basketball,” said WPU
freshman, Quinton Howard.
However, with change come both positive and negative perspectives. Not
all of the WPU male students have felt as well adjusted.
“At first it was uncomfortable,” said WPU transfer student, Jerry
Sherron. After attending Wake Tech and North Carolina State
University, Sherron decided to transfer to WPU with the intention of
studying the university’s new Game Design and Simulation program.
“After attending Wake Tech and NC State, I was use to a strictly
academic environment, come in, do your work, and leave,” said Sherron.
“At William Peace it’s a get-to-know-you environment, but everyone’s
very nice so I’m getting use to it”.
It’s true that some have not been eager in welcoming the male
newcomers, but in the midst of it all it is an adjustment everyone is
making together.
“It’s small but I think that’s what I like about this school, someone
always has your back,” said Howard.
Only a month into school and it seems these male students are already
catching on to the “Peace College” way of life. While students and
faculty work together to fine-tune everything, a new type of family is
forming at William Peace University.

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