Circle Mirror Transformation comes to WPU

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Pubic hair, hula-hooping, counting, story telling, imitations, therapy, and of course transformation are among many of the crazy things that you can look forward to in William Peace University Theatre’s first production of the year, Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker.
Don’t let the title fool you, while the name for this play may sound foreign, the concept and the plot is not.
This play is set in present day Shirley,Vermont in a community center where the audience finds a group of amateur actors who have just enrolled in a six-week adult drama class.
As the weeks and the activities progress we witness the way in which complete strangers can stroll into each others lives and change them forever.
Many of the “harmless games” played by the characters in Circle Mirror Transformation are ones that the audience may be familiar with, and share similar frustrations.
Hannah Murphy, a Junior double majoring in Theatre and English, plays the role of Marty, the instructor this adult drama class. “The games start out as this trivial thing but as the show goes on the games bring out the bond between the characters. The games help the classmates open up to each other but also themselves.”
Circle Mirror Transformation opens September 19th at 7:30, and will run the 19th-22nd and 26th– 29th of the following week (wed-sat).  This is will be the first theatre production held in Kenan in over ten years.
Don’t get too comfortable in those orange seats however, because if you go to see Circle Mirror, you’ll be sitting on stage.  The audience will be right in the middle of the action, like they are in the same room as these characters, so close that they could reach out and touch the actors, but we don’t advise it.
There are a maximum of 60 seats available for each night, admission is free for William Peace University students, $4 for non-Peace students, $8 for Peace faculty, staff, and family, and $15 for the general public. You can buy your tickets by going to or make reservation by emailing

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