Pacer soccer: Dedicated to win

It’s finally September, professors are beginning to hand out pop quizzes, campus activities are going full swing and the Peace soccer team has played several games.
One thing you may not know about this team of 11 strong women is that they are dedicated and focused on winning games.
William Peace University senior, Melissa Moran, talked about her outlook going into the 2012 Fall season. Moran, who had several opportunities to play at a variety of schools, chose to come to Peace to be close to her mother during her seven-year battle with cancer. “This season I have a lot more motivation to be the best player I can possibly be and that’s because this is my final season playing as a Pacer,” said Moran.
The past four years as a player for Peace have not been the easiest. Moran, a Leesville Road High School grad, two-time state champion, All-Tournament in 2009, Peace MVP in years 2009 – 2010 and 2010 – 2011, gives her all when she steps out onto any soccer field.

The soccer team seems to have a stronger desire to win compared to years past – which is a motivating factor for Moran. It is apparent that Coach Jenkins’ biggest goal is to show the team how talented they are and use that talent to their full advantage. Moran said, “We have a chance to be competitive this season and we need to capitalize on that.”

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