Legacies live on at Peace (Demo)

The big news at WPU this year may be that men have joined the student
body, however, for some students, like me, coming to Peace was a
family tradition.
When I walked on campus for Open House in March, I knew WPU was home.
It wasn’t just home for me though, it had become home for my mother,
Luanne Linker Miller, in fall of 1982.
Becoming a legacy, was more than a honor, it was carrying on a family
tradition, I feel a part of my mother when going to class, eating in
the dining hall, attending chapel, and even putting my head down to
When my mother attended Peace College, it was a two-year, all women’s
school. My mother’s heart has always been at Peace College,
“I loved Peace College because of the friendships, spirituality,
sincerity of faculty, and the strong leadership that supported the
many traditions”, said Miller.
While new changes have been made, old traditions of Peace College still remain.
“Even though men have been added and it is now co ed, strong
traditions still remain, such as, a small environment for learning, I
wish Peace would have been a four-year school during my attendance
there, I would do anything to go back there,” Miller said.
Whether male or female, William Peace University will continue to
provide more opportunities for future legacies.

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