A Peace first: Male runs for freshman class president

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By Nikolas Williams

He may not have won the election, but Anthony McCue’s run for president of William Peace’s freshman class was a historical one.  Here follows the story of his campaign.

“I was born in Maryland and I moved here when I was twelve,” McCue said in between bites from a bag of Sun Chips.  McCue was born in Baltimore, but he finds Raleigh affords him more opportunities, one of which is attending William Peace University.

McCue says he appreciates the campus’s small size. “It’s a nice location, and only takes two minutes to walk to class.”  He also had a mission his first semester, to become president of the freshman class.

The door to his dorm room had a poster-board that read in big bold text, “Why?,” then bullet points followed with reasons he would make a solid president:

  • Determined to make the freshman voice heard.
  • Dedicated to WPU and its students.
  • Will invest 100% in the position and wants to be your 2012-2013 freshman class president.

Inside his dorm room the bookshelf showcased an eclectic reader’s taste: Tom Sawyer, Space Chronicles, and books by Friedrich Nietzsche.  The German philosopher once said “Without music, life would be an error.” McCue’s walls reply with posters ranging from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin.

“I enjoy a wide range of music; from classic rock to classical music. Listening to different genres of music opens many doors to different ideas,” he said.

Accompanying his copy of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Space Chronicles, are stickers of stars and planets on his bathroom door.  “I hope that humans will have a future in space. I believe that it is possible for mankind to reach any goal as long as we give our utmost effort.”

His own ambitions are more grounded.  McCue declared his major in pre-law and would like to make a living as a lawyer.  Currently he is a staff member at Paddle Creek, where he enjoys kayaking with customers down the Neuse River.

“My job has taught me many skills that I know can help me if I were to win the title of class president.”  If he were declared the winner, he’d be the first male president at William Peace, and he would consider it an honor.  Despite this he speaks kindly of his opponents.

Of fellow freshman candidate Sky Nobelzada he says “She is a great person to be around. I know that if she were to win, she could also represent our class very well.  Fellow Davidson resident J.C. Leonardo (freshman) described his floor-mate McCue as a friend and said, “I’d support him the best way I can.”

In the end, McCue sums up his plans for the future, win or lose, “If I am to win, my first priority would be to make sure that there are many opportunities for students to get to know Raleigh. I’ve met many people that are from different cities and states and I would really like them to feel comfortable making Raleigh their home. If I were to lose, I know that the other candidates are qualified and that they can help the class of 2016 as well.”

The election results were revealed September 10, 2012 with Sky Nobelzada winning the presidency, and Alex Jarrell as her V.P.   McCue’s opportunities continue as Peace’s  S.G.A. Executive Board has offered him a place in the Member at Large (MaL) position.

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