Improving security and parking at Peace

After several incidents on campus, security and parking have been growing concerns for many students. But the University says it has recently made numerous improvements and will continue these enhancements.
“Cameras have been added, locks have been rekeyed, trees have been taken down which makes less hiding areas for thieves, they have been maintaining meetings with officers to update more frequently, installed more Emergency Warning Systems throughout campus, increased external patrols and improved lighting around campus,” said Peace Security Officer Tim Jessup.
Even though all of these improvements may be extremely helpful, Jessup still stresses that “thieves are opportunist” and they will embrace any chances they are given.
Maggie Wright, a senior at William Peace University, recently had her car broken into in the Davidson residence hall parking lot.  Although she was upset at the situation, Wright acknowledged, “Peace security was really nice and helpful.”  Wright says the improvements she would urge Peace Security to make would be to “put cameras everywhere, especially for people who park on the streets and behind buildings.”
Jessup advises students who have their cars vandalized to “first call Peace Security to let them come out and investigate and then also call the police to come investigate the situation.”
“It only takes a person 15 to 20 seconds to break into someone’s car, and vehicles nearest to the sidewalk are most likely to get broken into due to people walking through parking lots to bus stops,” Jessup said.
Despite the many improvements that the University has added, car break-ins could continue to be an issue.  However, security says students need to be conscious and safe about where they park their cars and not leave any valuables visible to thieves. Always remember to think smart, safe and practical.

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