Students choose Simulation and Game Design major

Game on the computer screen, lots of shrubbery.

By Javonda Hunt

Over the last 20 years, playing video games has become a childhood norm for many boys and girls. As of this fall semester at William Peace University, the Simulation and Game Design major is being offered for the first time to students. Students now have the opportunity to create their own video games like the ones so many people played as a child.

The major is set to prepare students for careers in the rapidly growing field of gaming and technology. “The skills to actually do the job,” said Jerry Sherron, a William Peace University student, about what he hopes to get from the Simulation and Game Design major. “The salaries for the job is pretty good, so I can make a good living doing it,” he said.

There are several video game companies in North Carolina. Many of these companies are located in the Triangle area, making Peace an ideal location with its smaller class sizes and knowledgeable instructors.

“The way graphics have changed now, it looks more realistic and beautiful,” says Ebodio Cuenca, who recently began looking into the Simulation and Game Design major. “I want a lot more knowledge and experience to make my own game with texture and coding.”

Students say they hope to learn how to tell their own stories through the video games they make themselves.

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