Transfers talk about Peace

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By Olivia Gray

It’s feeling like freshmen year again for the new transfer students here at William Peace. Many have come from community colleges, HBCUs, or larger universities.

A new year brings new challenges.  For some, the transitions are an easy experience. But for others, not so much.
Hannah Clark, a 20-year-old WPU student, transferred from Wake Tech Community College.

“It is very different because at Wake Tech the school is very big,” said Clark. “There was just an endless supply of people all different types.” Clark said she liked the big mix of people at Wake Tech, but she felt they weren’t encouraged to get to know one another.

There are many challenges students face coming to a brand new university. Clark says she went from working 50 hours a week doing school part-time to being in school full-time and only working a couple of hours a week.

The reason why Clark chose to go to William Peace was the high percentage rate of people getting jobs and getting in to grad school.

Chris Pittman, 20, is a transfer student from Shaw University. “I like the diversity here with different cultures of people,” said Pittman. “Where at a HBCU you only see one race.”

Pittman says the challenge he faced coming here was learning to be “nice.” He acknowledged that the statement may sound strange, but explained that at Shaw people were not as welcoming as they are at Peace. “People enjoy small talk here,” he said.

He likes the fact that people are more positive. He transferred here because he liked the Raleigh area and William Peace was offering good scholarships for men. Pittman said he also liked the idea of being part of the first group of males at the once all-female university.

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