WPU students' opinions on Decision 2012

decision2012 (Demo)

With the presidential election just seven weeks away, what are William Peace University students’ opinions about the candidates?
Trevor Fessey, a freshman, said, “I’m voting for Mitt Romney because I feel he would bring more change to this country, provide better care for everyone and lower gas prices.”
SaQoia Herring and Brionna Williams, both freshmen, said, “We believe President Obama can fix the economy within the next four years and make the world a better place.”
Brandon Young, another freshman, said “I believe President Obama needs more time in order to change our country.”
Mallory Rogers, a freshman, said, “I’m voting for Mitt Romney because he will help students, families and the elders along with the entire socio-economic classes not just one group of people.” “I believe Romney
Junior Samanthya Oyathelemi said, “President Obama provides hope for the American people.”
Sandy Nguyen, another Junior, said, “President Obama because as a current financial independent college student I believe in a president who will help students further my education.”
WPU student Josh Britt said, “I believe Romney will lower gas costs and bring more jobs.”
Overall, the majority of students polled leaned towards voting to re-elect President Barack Obama.
Regardless of party affiliation or platforms, the 2012 election will give many WPU students the opportunity to make their voices heard.

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