Mold invades campus

The word “mold” for many of us conjures up images of dank cellars, cold distant castles, abandoned farm houses or maybe food left in the fridge for too long. But mold has invaded some spaces at William Peace University, including dorm rooms, classrooms and some offices, which comes as a concern to many on campus.
The residence halls known to be affected thus far include, Finely, Bingham, the second floor of the academic building, Kenan/Brown McPherson, also known as the “Music building”. In this building several faculty members’ offices have been affected as well as the building’s copy room, which has been completely evacuated, leaving the copier in the hallway while floor fans are left on all day in attempt to dry out the carpet.
Sawyer Stone, a sophomore living in Finely, noticed the mold in her room from day one. “The mold is over the air conditioning vent by the window. It’s black.” Stone says she thinks the mold could be responsible for her sinus infection as well as her roommate’s congestive cold.
University maintenence has said the Brown McPherson mold is due to an “air-conditioning leak.” They have stressed that they are doing all they can to remove the mold, and that things will be back to normal shortly.

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