Curfew: What's the point?

Peace has always been a school with a curfew for visitors.
Upon my arrival in 2010, males were only allowed to visit until midnight during the week and 2 a.m. on the weekends, which caused a lot of conflict for us females who believe college is the stage in one’s life where you are looked at as an adult, and should be treated as such.
Patricya Livingston is one of many who disagreed with the then Peace College’s curfew. “I feel as though I am a grown woman, and shouldn’t be told what time my guest should leave,” she said. “Most of my company graduated way too long ago to be sneaking up out of my dorm room.”
She isn’t the only student with these beliefs. The curfew is also inconvenient for those who have visitors that don’t live in the Raleigh/Durham area who can’t afford to stay in a hotel room to visit their loved ones.
Now that the school is William Peace University, and accepting gentlemen as full-time students living on campus, things have changed. Female students with male guests aren’t permitted to stay past midnight during the week, but are granted 24 hour visitation on the weekends.
The same goes for male students with female guests.
“It’s cool,” said WPU student Briana Demby. “As a resident advisor, I don’t have to worry about boys sneaking in, and it doesn’t bother me that my guests have to leave by midnight [on weekdays], because I don’t have a man”
Now that restrictions have been lifted on the weekend, I, as well as many other students, hope the school will consider eliminating curfew altogether.

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