CrossFit classes offered to the WPU community

crossfit (Demo)

By Olivia Worsham

William Peace University has recently started offering CrossFit classes on campus, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 a.m., 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, done with high intensity. Kevin Daniels, the Assistant Athletic Director, Head Volleyball Coach and Title IX Deputy Coordinator at WPU, is the instructor of CrossFit.

Crystal Alston, a volleyball player at WPU, said, “I urge people to try Crossfit because Coach Daniels not only encourages me on the court as my volleyball coach but also encourages me as a CrossFit instructor.”

“I decided that CrossFit sounded like a great opportunity because Coach Daniels would lead it in a way that would be individualized for all different skill levels, and I was excited for an opportunity to participate in a challenging workout,” said Assistant Director of Career Services at WPU, Kathleen Monroe who started CrossFit three weeks ago.

Monroe says, “Coach Daniels leads CrossFit in a way that motivates and pushes you to work harder than you anticipated that you could.”

“I would definitely recommend that people try CrossFit and see if it works for them because it is in a group setting you feel more motivated to work harder,” said Monroe. “While it is a challenging workout, the intensity depends on how much you put into it, and Coach Daniels gives modifications when you need it, which makes it possible for all different levels of skill and ability.”

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