Foundation’s Edge: A comic book lover’s haven

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The Avengers, Batman, Spiderman and Superman are a few of many superheroes whose stories have made it to the silver screen in the past decade.

As much as the folks in Hollywood might like to take credit for making the number one movie in the box office, they did not write the original story.

If you are looking for the original story of how Bruce Wayne became The Caped Crusader, better known as The Dark Knight, you might want to consider Foundations Edge at 2526 Hillsborough St., in Raleigh.

“It’s like working in any bookstore, if you love the material and I do,” said Rich McGee, part owner of Foundations Edge. “[Comic books] are one of the only two art forms that are uniquely American.”

“Not every comic is about somebody in spandex and a cape,” said McGee. There are a variety of comic book story lines such as superheroes, horror, mystery and crime.

Foundation’s Edge also sells action figures, graphic novel and manga. Each employee has their own area of expertise, whether it is manga or comic books. Hundreds of comics are printed each month. “The one thing I wish I could do that I can’t do is have one more comic rack to more comics on the shelf longer,” said McGee.

“Its cool to check up on their inventory once in a while,” said Samuel Moreno, a manga reader who occasionally checks in at Foundation’s Edge.
Foundation’s Edge recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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