Despite box office flop, “Dredd” Prevails

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By Nikki Gusse

The futuristic Sci-Fi movie, “Dredd,” proved itself valiantly despite box office sales.

This violent action film was not only thrilling and suspenseful, it was oddly unique. The futuristic setting of a deteriorated wasteland makes for an interesting addition to the imagery of the film.

It portrays a chaotic atmosphere where criminals rule the streets and the only form of justice lies in the hands of metropolitan police officers that play judge, jury, and instant executioner.

Judge Dredd, played by actor Karl Urban, is the ultimate judge and is a threat to all the crime in the immeasurable capital known as Mega City One. The Judge’s only challenge is to rid the streets of a dangerous drug known as “Slo-Mo” that turns reality into a movement a fraction of its normal speed.

The film’s action scenes are everything an action-movie-lover would want in their favorite film. It’s graphic, thrilling, and different from what they have ever seen before. The action sequences capture every detail, making the bombastic movement so visually interesting it’s hard to peel your eyes away.

It’s difficult to make the future look believable but director, Pete Travis makes it happen with exceptional cinematography and impressive visual effects. Gamers and Sci-Fi fanatics alike will feel perfectly satisfied within the first ten minutes of this film.
Although the “Dredd” flopped opening weekend at the box office, this film felt more like a rare example of remake that actually works.

The visual effects are so striking; slow movements in the film are beautiful and entrancing. The long-winded action scenes and pokerfaced humor are well complimented by Travis’ remarkable use of visual effects.

Even though the movie had a somewhat predictable ending the overall plot line was interesting and had an ideal amount of suspenseful instants to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. Not half bad for a modern take on a remake.

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