WPU Bloggers to Watch

Picture of William Peace University campus

Getting ready to take that leap out of college life and into the real world? Jeanna Buck has some survival tips. http://blogthe20somethings.wordpress.com/

Attention Raleigh fashionistas! Want to know the best places to shop? Haylee Damato will take you to the top local fashion hotspots. http://myraleighaddiction.blogspot.com/

Do you love to people watch? Olivia Gray spots unique and stylish students on campus and shares their stories. http://squaresinthecity.tumblr.com/

Hungry, but have no gas in your car? Emily Giangrande explores downtown dining options within walking distance from Peace. http://downtowndinnerdash.wordpress.com/

Join The South Carolina Broadcasters on tour! Banjo pickin’ girl Sarah Osborne takes you on the road with this Little Mission Band on a mission. http://scbroadcaster.com/blog/

Got stuck behind a school bus again on the way to school? Alexis Joynes welcomes you to the WPU commuters blog. http://wpucommuterchronicles.wordpress.com/

Spending your evening in? Netflix has a wealth of good (and bad) movies right at your fingertips. Becky Martin will help you choose some winners. http://beckysbstream.wordpress.com/

Wondering what else is available for your viewing pleasure? Check out Katlyn Carter’s movie reviews. http://katsreeltalk.wordpress.com/

From dos and don’ts to every day tips to look your best, Joanna Domino shares her fashion secrets. http://timefourrfashion.wordpress.com/

Women know best. Samantha Oyathelemi gets the scoop from Peace women confessing their inspired stories. http://confessionoftheinspiredwoman.tumblr.com/

Do what you love and love what you do. Kevin Collins invites you on his adventure to find people who love doing what they do. http://whatchadoooin.tumblr.com/

Does the world of fantasy call to you? Chamia Bannerman has the story on the books you should read. http://worldsbetweenpages.wordpress.com/

Music fan? Kathryn Gilbert has the latest on local shows around the Triangle. http://theraleighroadie.wordpress.com/

You don’t always have to be a kid in order to dress up. Follow Hli Rmah into the costuming world of cosplay and enjoy all of the interesting transformations one can achieve. http://metamorphindisguise.wordpress.com/

Come on a journey with new cook Grey Martinez as she learns to make everything besides toast and cereal. http://greyscouldawouldashoulda.wordpress.com/

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