WPU Cheerleading team getting on their feet

cheerleadingpractice (Demo)

By Olivia Gray

There have been many firsts for WPU this year, and one of them is the up-and-coming cheerleading team.

Although it is not official and is still considered a club, moves are being made to make the team a legitimate part of WPU’s Athletic Department.

Advisor Sharon Scarborough has hired a certified cheerleading coach and a personal trainer to assist the girls in moving toward their goal of becoming recognized.

The cheerleaders practice three times a week – twice a week with Anthony Branch, the varsity cheerleading coach at Millbrook High School in Raleigh.

The cheerleaders practice 12 sideline cheers and have been preparing a routine for their first performance. Each member of the squad is required to come to each practice prepared. The workout uniform is a white t-shirt with black shorts or pants. Another requirement of the cheerleaders is running three laps around the gym, if they make a mistake on the sideline cheers.

Once a week, the certified personal trainer, Emmanuel Robinson, comes to the campus. His goal is to improve the squad’s athletic ability, strength, and cardio.

“I know that the first two years are going to be a lot of work,” said Scarborough. “I know that it is something that will be beneficial to the students and the school.”

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