Review: "The Walking Dead" season 3

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The highly anticipated premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” series did not disappoint viewers.
The first episode of season 3 opened with more zombie killings than all past episodes combined.
The TV show is based off of a comic book series published in 2003, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies and a group of survivors fighting for their lives.
What is interesting to see is the struggle that arise from staying clear of zombies and other humans. With each episode we see people, especially the main characters, struggling to maintain a shred of morality and humanity in this new world.
“I like that it’s more about survival even when knowing there ain’t nothing to survive for,” said Jonathon Jimenez, student at Borough of Manhattan Community College said. “I guess people like to have some kind of hope in a hopeless situation.”
One of the many factors that has made me a huge fan of the show, is the reality of it. You feel as if you’re in the show.  A zombie is after you right now! Just kidding.  But it keeps me at the edge of my seat. The show has definitely created a following of zombie lovers and sci-fi enthusiasts.
“Well I love shows, books and movies about zombies”, said WPU student Margaret Coultas. “I think the topic is so interesting and the most realistic out of all the different crazy sci-fi scenarios.”
The entire first and second seasons are available on Netflix. Once you begin watching it will be very difficult to stop.

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