Self-defense class at WPU

WPU stock image

By Miranda Streeter

What could possibly have approximately 30 students gathered together on a Tuesday night? A self-defense class.

Kenji Saykosy, owner of Royal Tiger Academy, and four of his students provided WPU students with basic tips for safety. Students raved about how they felt better prepared to handle potentially threatening situations.

“It’s good knowledge to have and know,” said Christiane Newell, a WPU sophomore.

Melvin Gray, a freshman, said, “I took [self-defense] back in middle school and what they taught me back then wasn’t really going to help me. So yeah, I feel better about it.”

Saykosy, who has been training since the age of seven, said, “It’s good to start somewhere.” He said the first step is “to admit you want to learn something because you can’t defend what you don’t know.” He also said “defend, attack, and get away” when faced with various situations.

Many students said that they would like for self-defense to return to WPU.

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