WPU rules are in place for a reason

Since the recent transition from being an all-female college to a co-ed university, WPU has had to remind students of the conduct and honor codes on campus. A recent e-mail was sent to all students reiterating the importance of following the rules on school grounds, and suggesting all students follow the same guidelines outside of this community.
Although specifics of any rule-breaking incidents were not disclosed, it was clear that the school is taking the Student Conduct guidelines and Honor Code seriously, and that some students have not been allowed to continue at Peace due to their actions.
In addition to the university’s standards, each professor also provides a set of attendance and grade policies. Many students say they are happy rules are in place.
“I do feel that the Honor Code is important to have because as a student you’re going to come across ethical dilemmas to where you will need guidance in making the right decisions for both personal and community issues,” said Katerina Dema, a senior who has spent her whole college career Peace.
On the other hand, some feel as though the reminder might not be enough to grab the attention of the new faces among campus.
“The reminder shows that the conduct is not just a statement on a piece a paper, but that it puts everything into perspective,” said a member of the Peace staff. “It also, though, shows that the school may need to take further steps to make sure they get their point across more accurately to avoid further expulsions.”
Could the change in student conduct be a result of going co-ed? As our campus continues to expand, keeping an open mind to change can be difficult for those who once knew this school as having both pride and honor in being an all-female institution. However, I do not believe recent incidents can be solely blamed on our adding male students.
As our university continues to develop, we should all keep in mind our Student Conduct and Honor Code as personal guidelines. It could not only make a difference in our lives and those we influence, but in the long term could benefit society as well.            

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