Advice To Prepare For Midterms

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By Melanie Thompson

It’s that time of the school year where all the students are preparing for their midterm exams.

“It’s kind of hectic, but if you know how to study then you can get through it,” says Jadia Hooper, a senior at WPU.

Finding a good place to study seems to be the best advice for anyone who is stressing out about these exams.

“I feel like the best place for me to study is in my room, that way im in a comfortable place and there aren’t very many distractions,” says Miranda Streeter another WPU senior.

Whether it is finding a study spot, or just pacing yourself while studying, it’s very important that you try not to stress out too much when it comes to exams.

Prioritizing your work and balancing it out with other activities you may have, could be one of the better solutions for getting through midterms.

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