What a strategy!

If Mitt Romney showed up and was not extremely aggressive in Monday night’s debate, then he has the Presidency won on November 6th. Romney showed up. I believe the American people will choose him over Barack Obama. He looked collected and presidential as he attempted to keep his lead by not putting a vibe off as a man of war. Just like Ronald Reagan did, and he certainly was successful in his campaigns in the 1980’s.

The Obama Campaign has basically moved out of North Carolina and Romney’s Campaign is moving closer and closer to clinching Ohio and Florida. His campaign tour is done here in the Tarheel State. The economy is a huge issue, especially in North Carolina, though foreign policy is extremely important. How can you have a strong Military and country without a strong economy?

When the Issue of Israel came up in the debate it was obvious that Romney had the upper hand. Romney stated that Obama had “skipped Israel and they noticed,” explaining how Obama apologized for America, bringing about the infamous “Apology Tour.”

I don’t know about you but I am not sorry, Obama claims again that this is not true. I guess the drinking game will continue this week. If a shot is taken after every time he said it in this debate, then somebody is going to have a rough hangover. Obama claimed that he did not go on an “Apology Tour” but as the President says, “that is not true.” He did go on an apology tour, facts are facts. In my opinion, it was poor foreign policy and highly disrespectful to the American people. Romney gave a strong statement Monday night, “America has not dictated other nations, it has freed other nations from dictators.” That particular statement given by Romney has filled the Twitter feed and has stuck with the American voter.

Obama did well in the last debate in context to body language and even at times by bashing Romney, which he continuously did. Romney offered a statement that bashing him did not bring about solutions, which is true, but it does fire up Obama’s ever-dwindling liberal base.

Obama attacking Romney on his finances is not clicking with the voters. There’s Obama who does not have nearly the amount of money that Romney does or the investments but yet also has foreign investments. Then, there is Romney a man who has created successful businesses both domestic and abroad. The economy is bad and Romney has the experience to lead our country in an era of fiscal responsibility.

Obama is trying to make it look like it’s bad to have money; he continuously talks about the American dream but what happens when you reach it? The idea is to attack something in which he wants to create, it simply makes no since. It’s like building a house only to later run it over with a bulldozer. The American people want a clear vision and Romney has one to offer, he has the upper hand on Obama in both foreign policy and economic matters. Though Romney hasn’t necessarily been in a position as the President in power, he does have the skills to deal with other countries around the world. His relationship with Israel is incredible, Netanyahu thinks very highly of Romney and is not very fond of Obama at all. Do we really want to leave a President in office that is not in good standing with our closest ally Israel, in the middle of a region that is uneasy to begin with?

If anyone from the Obama campaign wants to attack on investments let’s take a good hard look at Solyndra and Tesla. First of all, Solyndra is extremely sketchy and the government should not be in it to begin with, it failed and any halfway decent economist could have easily told him so. The government can’t run the post office. How is it supposed to run healthcare or businesses? Second of all, Tesla was going to do fine with or without Obama’s help and if the issue of class warfare is brought about, Obama needs to look at himself directly in the mirror. So let’s really be clear, as the President always says, the prices of Tesla’s automobiles are far from middle class, the base in which he always supposedly stands for.

Romney did not press the issue of Libya like most thought he would on Monday night’s debate. He doesn’t necessarily need to though, between Obama, Joe Biden, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton and David Axelrod there’s five different stories. Mark Twain said, “If you tell the truth then you don’t have to remember anything.” You don’t have to be a political scholar to know something is fishy in the Libya ordeal.

There is no denying Obama performed at his best this past Monday night but it simply will not be good enough for him. Romney will be the next President of the United States, if he does not mess up. You can bet that both candidates will be on there best game through November. Obama has his new little booklet on his plan for the economy, saying Romney won’t show his plan, which is complete garbage.

Romney has a website and every little detail is spelled out, if bashing is going to take place then get to the facts. Donald Trump called Obama out on his college records, saying that if he released them that he would donate $5 million to a charity of his choice. If Obama wants to get into details, an array of situations can be brought about. Honestly, Romney has endless choices on just where to begin. Needless to say, we will never see the records, nor will we ever see his birth certificate. Like I have said many times before, do not be surprised if the Obama Campaign tries to pull something at the end.

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