Godspell comes to WPU

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By Katie Barrett

The title of this musical leaves many who are unfamiliar with it with many questions. Based on the story of the gospel, Godspell picks up on the life of Jesus from the point where he meets John the Baptist and continues to crucifixion, although many interpretations do not actually depict it.

However, do not mistake this musical for Sunday school, because no matter how many times you have heard the story of Christ, rest assured you’ve never heard it like this.

With high energy musical numbers, contemporary language and costumes, this play takes on a whole new meaning, not to mention 90% of the show is based on improv. That’s right – the people you see acting on stage are often writing the show as it goes on with in the framework of the parables, stories you may have heard a hundred times, now littered with pop-culture references and told through the metaphor of the Dr. Phil show and Jerry Springer.

Although the message of this show is spiritual in nature, its creativity and comedy can be enjoyed by all people across religious and cultural backgrounds.

There are several other new twists the William Peace University Theatre Company are putting on the classic tale of the gospel, one of which being the setting.

Set in what seems to be modern-day New York City in an industrial outdoor park the theme of “kids in the street” seem to reassemble inner city movements such as occupy, although no official tie has been made. Another twist in the telling of this story comes down to casting as a woman, Maigan Kennedy, will be playing the role of Jesus.

According to Dr. Gannon, head of the Theatre department, Godspell is a “wonderful relic” with an outdated script that the actors are actually encouraged to throw out the window. “It’s impossible for any two productions of Godspell to be the same” and with that in mind this production is one you won’t want to miss.

For more information about showtimes and tickets, visit theatre.peace.edu

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