Is political season going too far?

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By Peace Times Staff

On Sunday, October 28, Peace held its annual Fall Carnival. Seeing as I have been every year since I started at Peace in 2008, I figured that it would be just like every other year: face painting, caramel apples, cupcake decorating, pumpkin painting, etc.

Although, this year it was in the new multi-purpose room I knew that my friends and I would be in for a fun-filled afternoon. As I walked in I noticed many different booths with the prior mentioned activities, but one stuck out to me like a sore thumb.

Not only did this booth seem to not have an activity, but it also had political “propaganda.” Instead of feeling as if I was at Fall Carnival I felt as if I was at a political rally.

I’m not mentioning the party this booth and its participants are affiliated with, I see some problems with this. I understand that people have different political opinions and that not everyone is going to agree with each other, but let’s keep those opinions and political symbols away from family functions on campus.

The other party that was represented tastefully had a cupcake decorating booth. Not a single sticker was given out with the candidate’s name represented on it. Not a single flyer or poster was handed out. I did recognize though that the other party seemed to have everything together. They did have t-shirts with their logo along with the school’s logo. This shows work that they have put into their organization which I commend them for.

 Although, I understand that in some situations this would have been different. Let’s say if WPU had a “Get to Know the Parties Day” or some type of “political awareness rally,” I could understand having a booth with your parties’ flyers, posters, and stickers, but not at Fall Carnival. Let’s leave the political agenda away from school functions.

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