Ladies, don't be tricked by Halloween

halloween (Demo)

Every year I become a regular visitor of whatever Halloween store pops up near me. And every year I see the same generic, yet overpriced costumes that are marketed towards females ages 18-24.
Usually they’re adaptations of nursery rhyme characters or public figures, but include tiny skirts and plunging necklines. It always seems to me that these costumes are just characters that exist in some parallel, sexed up universe that is controlled by the head costume director on an adult film set.
I hear girls say that Halloween is the only day of the year where they can dress super “slutty” and get away with it. That these costumes are cute and just for fun.
What always comes to mind when I see girls wearing something teeny tiny and made completely out of polyester is “Aren’t they cold? Don’t they care that their butt is most definitely almost entirely exposed?  They really just spent that much on one yard of fabric?”
I know from experience that these get ups aren’t particularly comfortable and can turn a girl who is typically very comfortable in her body into a self conscious mess. Why do we do this to ourselves? Do we really have fantasies of being a sexy bumble bee? I doubt it.
I don’t feel anyone should be told to or expected to be any certain thing on a holiday that celebrates surprises and the unexpected. Young women shouldn’t have to feel limited as to what they can galavant around in on Halloween night, especially when the deciding question is “Do I want everyone to see what my butt or boobs look like?” or “Should I be a sexy cop or a sexy construction worker?”

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