"Coupon" is not a dirty word

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By Cookie Wingfield

Couponing is often attributed to money-saving moms or scrimping seniors, but not college students.

“Your generation thinks it’s embarrassing to use coupons but you guys don’t know the value and the greatness of using them,” said 75-year-old Irene Isler.

A lot of people do not like to use coupons because they feel like other people are going to look down on them as if they have nothing. But in reality, a coupon is a gift to everyone no matter how rich or poor you are.  Coupons save customers a lot of money when shopping.

I recently visited Food Lion in my hometown of Kinston, and I noticed a lady with a grocery cart full of items. I also noticed a stack of coupons in her hand. The lady felt no shame in going in the line with her groceries and coupons and using them. The cashier was clearly in on the money-saving secret.

“I use my coupons too,” she said.

“Don’t be shameful of something that put out for you because it’s a blessing and you should learn to acknowledge it,” said employee Sharon Dixon.

I believe college students should join in on the coupon craze. After all, if any group needs to save some cash, it’s us.

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