Many WPU students voted early

Folding table with orange tablecloth is set up in front of Belk Dining Hall with students gathered around

By Olivia Worsham

For many college students, this will be the first presidential election that they will be able to vote in.

Although this new experience may be exciting for many college students, the obstacle many of them continue to face is that a majority live far away from home and have to find other ways to vote. They must either early vote or absentee vote, to avoid having to travel to their hometown on November 6th.

An informal poll of 20 William Peace University students, found that a majority of students are early voting in their hometowns, but there were a couple of students that were voting on an absentee ballot. Also, there were a couple of students who mentioned that they had changed their registration to Raleigh, because they were planning on staying in Raleigh for a while. Very few students said they were planning on going home on November 6th to vote.

Alison McQueen, a junior at WPU, said, “I voted early to avoid the crowds and I was excited because it was my first presidential election.”

It became very clear that many students would be early voting instead of other methods of voting for it’s convenience.

Anthony McCue, a freshman at WPU, said, “Early voting is great because a lot of people are not from around here and can vote in downtown Raleigh instead of going all the way home to vote.”

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