Putting stress to the test

With midterms ending and finals approaching the horizon, what levels of stress does students have and what are they doing to relieve it?
When asked to rate her stress on a scale of zero to 10 and to give advice on stress relief, sophomore Victoria Taylor said, “I’m at an eight and when stressed I listen to music.”
Asia Sanchez, a senior, said “I’m an eight. When I’m stressed I get in my bed and read a book.”
Junior Amber Ricks said, “I participate in Zumba and talk to relieve my stress level of seven.”
Joanna Domino, a junior, said, “I’m a 10 out of a 10. I’m trying to go to bed early.”
Rebecca Martin, another junior, said, “I’m at a solid nine. I don’t do very much for my stress, but I do drink energy drinks.”
Other students try to stay on task to keep their stress down to a minimum.
Wayne Hawkins, a freshman, said “I try to keep everything organized. I manage my work by prioritizing.”
Senior Alexandria O’Brien said “I organize my work and focus on one thing at a time.”
Here are some other tips for relieving stress:
1.Exercise, exercise, exercise! Exercising is not only a way to keep you fit and your body healthy, it’s also a way to diminish stress. With are access to the gym in the Herman Center, you can go in at almost anytime to get the stress bugs out.
2.Doing a hobby that you enjoy. Draw, paint, sing, dance, write, play a sport or whatever it is that you like to do. It’s a way to let go of that negative steam.
3.Organization is the key for less stress. A planner, a to do list, anything you can use to write important dates down is helpful. Even setting a reminder on your phone would be helpful since most of us have smartphones. If we are organized, even with a long to-do list, we won’t feel so swamped.

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