WPU sophomore shares his love of dance

chris (Demo)

WPU sophomore Chris Pittman hopes to teach hip hop to his fellow Pacers on a regular basis.
In October, 20-year-old Pittman taught a hour long hip hop class in the multipurpose room. Students enjoyed themselves, having fun while he instructed steps and assisted students who needed additional help. Free styling one by one ended the class in a circle as everyone showed their personal dance skills.
“I wish I can continue to teach the class.” Pittman said. He was only guaranteed a one-time spot, but is working to make it permanent class for any students interested.
Pittman came to WPU from Shaw University this fall.  “This is a better school,” Pittman said.
For more information on Pittman and his dance class, you can visit his blog at http://beatsinthestreet.tumblr.com/

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