WPU students react to election outcome

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By Peace Times Staff

President Barack Obama won a second term Tuesday in a very tight presidential race.

Election returns show North Carolina was a particularly divided state, with Mitt Romney pulling ahead of Obama by less than 100,000 votes.

At WPU, students are reacting to the outcome.

“I’m looking forward to another four years,” said junior Samanthya Oyathelemi. “The right choice was made.”

“I have mixed feelings about the election,” said Kathryn Gilbert, a WPU senior. “But I believe in President Obama and I hope for the best.”

“I was hoping that Mitt Romney would win,” said Haylee Damato, a WPU senior. “But I am hoping that in the next four years the country will turn around.”

For some students, this year’s election was the first time they were able to vote.

“I feel like for the first time my opinion mattered,” said Kevin Collins-Nelson, a WPU junior. “Even though I’m in a Republican dominated state it was nice to know my vote didn’t count against him.”

Some students say the outcome was a victory for women’s rights.

“I’m happy that women’s healthcare will be handled the right way,” said Sarah Osborne, WPU sophomore.

“I am excited to have my rights as a woman,” said WPU junior, Alexis Joynes.

Many college students took their opinions about the election to social media outlets.

“I was dissapointed in the unecessary angry ranting,” said Grey Martinez, WPU junior.

“It was disheartening to see so many people be so unsupportive of their fellow Americans,” said Katlyn Carter, WPU senior. “Regarless of the outcome, it was a great day for moving forward in America.”

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