Restaurant Review: Sushi O

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By Alexandria O’Brien

Sushi O is a Japanese sushi bar and restauant located on 222 Glenwood Avenue. The atmosphere is great for a date night, and the wide selection allowed me plenty of opportunity to try something new.
My favorite was the Crazy Salmon, a popular sushi roll at Sushi O. Inside this crunchy, sweet, spicy sushi is crab and cream cheese that is deep-fried and topped off with spicy mayo, hot sauce, massago, asparagus, and salmon.
I was also impressed with the friendly service. Others seem to agree.
“The atmosphere is very relaxing and their sushi is very fresh,” Tonya Carter, a WPU student said.
“This is one of my favorite sushi restaurants to come to because the sushi is so good,” said one restaurant patron who is originally from San Diego, CA.”[In San Diego] you can’t communicate with the sushi chief like you can here. I like to be able to tell the chief what I want myself not to a waitress.”
Prices at Sushi O are comparable with other local sushi restaurants. My Crazy Salmon roll was $14.95, and worth every penny. I will be back.

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