"Girl Talk" at the Contemporary Art Museum

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By Chamia Bannerman

The Girl Talk: woman and Text has made an appearance at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh.

The exhibition showcases the women who use text as integral pieces of their artwork. The art is the text and that is what they are showcasing.

The artists featured in the exhibit are Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Dana Frankfort, Marilyn Minter, Monique Prieto, Kay Rosen, Kim Rugg and Maya Schindler.

The exhibit has been at the museum since September 22 and will stay until January 14.

Alexis Joynes, a junior at WPU said, “It was very different and unique than regular art shows. The exhibition is a way to see how different art styles can incorporate text, and how all of the artists can make you feel so much with just a few simple words.”

“I liked the interactive art pieces,” said Nedda Parangi a senior at WPU.

“Walking around you can really see and feel what they were thinking.”

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