NFL Thanksgiving Day games

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By Brittany Warlick

Every November, American families get together to share a meal, and of course watch football.

With the NFL being the favorite to watch on Turkey Day, this 2012 season has scheduled highly anticipated games for those who enjoy stuffed turkeys and a gridiron classic.

The day starts off for those who have noontime meals with a match between The Texans and Detroit Lions, both 2011 playoff teams. Each team has gradually grown through the past few seasons and without doubt they are the perfect match for this Thanksgiving.

The Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys should keep things heated throughout the day since these two teams will go at it for the first time this year. Scheduled at 4:15 p.m. ET, these rivals are expected to play brutally in order to ignite their position towards the playoffs once again.

To top the night off, the most anticipated game of the holiday evening is set for kickoff at 8:20 p.m. between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets. With the Jets playing at home, we can possibly expect Tim Tebow as the starter instead of Mark Sanchez, therefore sparking ratings as Tebow and Brady will be seen going head to head. The Patriots swept away the Jets last month, but winning on the road will be much harder to pull off once again for team Brady.

With that said, millions of Americans have traditionally coordinated watching football while chomping on a home cooked meal for decades.

“We eat an early lunch so that we can watch all the games from the afternoon to the night cap,” said Timothy Cricket of Durham.

On an opposing note, football and Thanksgiving Day does not always mix for every American family.

“I feel that watching football on Thanksgiving Day takes away from family time,” said Tina Sellers of Roxboro.

“The holidays are meant to be time to focus on one another, so how am I supposed to catch up with my brothers and sisters if the TV is distracting our conversation.”

Regardless of what others do besides tune in on footballs most favorable day of the year, NFL fans will be satisfied with both their stomachs and 2012’s Turkey Day football matches.

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