Preparing for Black Friday

It’s that time of year again.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s the holiday that people reflect on what they are thankful for and spend time with their loved ones. But we all know what happens directly after Thanksgiving. It’s a day that is essentially better known and advertised than Thanksgiving in our culture – Black Friday shopping. It’s the one time of year when almost every store in the United States opens at bizarre hours with sales that are impossible to pass up.
Despite the fact that extremely low prices may be hard to overlook, there are many people that would rather pass up a good sale and pay full price than have to deal with the chaos that Black Friday brings.
“I am not going Black Friday shopping because it gets too crowded and stresses me out,” said Madisyn Fecko, a junior at WPU.
The majority of people who do plan on going Black Friday shopping already have their shopping destinations mapped out.
“If I do go Black Friday shopping I’ll go to Crabtree Valley Mall,” said Nikki Gusse, a junior at WPU.
Most Black Friday shoppers have usually already thought about elaborate details like, what time they need to arrive to get what they want before everything is sold out, and exactly what items they are planning on going in and getting due to advertisements.
“I heard about the Black Friday sales through TV and radio advertisements,” said Fecko.
Although Black Friday will still continue to be a known “holiday” in our culture, many stores have recently started to have early Black Friday shopping sales.
Early Black Friday shopping started so that people can avoid the late night shopping hours and enormous crowds, but still enjoy the sales they desire.
Black Friday shoppers should always remember to find the sales that are unbeatable and be safe and mindful, because some people are willing to go to drastic measures to get the goods.

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