Black Friday: is it really worth the hassle?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, a holiday that is set to remind Americans to give thanks and appreciate life’s blessings, big and small. Today is also known as Black Friday. People across the U.S. prepare weeks in advance for this day. Some Americans ask themselves, is it really worth the hassle? Wake up in the middle of the night, camp out in front of the mall or stores like Walmart and Target, and take the risk of waiting in long lines for that one television or piece or jewelry. Is it really worth the hassle?
Black Friday is known to be the biggest shopping day of the year for retailers. The name was originally used to describe the heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic that occurs post-Thanksgiving. It is now used to describe the turn in profit, or “in the black” for retailers.
As each year passes and starts a new beginning of resolutions, major retail industries rethink their marketing strategies and decide on new times, prices, and items to have on its upcoming Black Friday. This year, like any other, stores opened earlier, people camped out weeks ahead of time, and Americans continued to dive-in the Hunger Games of shopping. Angie Diaz, a college senior and Starbucks employee said, “I don’t think you could pay me to participate in Black Friday, it’s for the birds.”

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