Integrity: It’s something we should have in politics

Dan Forest, the GOP nominee for Lieutenant Governor, seemed to have a substantial lead over his Democrat opponent Linda Coleman.
The Dan Forest campaign was bold this past election season – from the big red bus to the “Run Forest Run” signs on the side of highways – the general bystander would expect a large victory for Forest simply because of the sheer amount of publicity and catchy slogans of his campaign.
I have literally been all over the state in the past year and very rarely did I ever see a Linda Coleman sign, and if I did it was on the side of a street in a larger city.
Pat McCrory won by a landslide and is a Republican. You would think that if he won by such a huge margin that certainly the lieutenant governor position would go along side.
That was not the case in the election between Forest and Coleman, a fairly close margin separated the two, so close that several suites have were filed and there was a recount.
Forest, though deemed the victor, had to wait it out. The time was rough for Forest and Coleman, but Forest ultimately clinched a victory.
In a press conference at NCGOP, Forest looked cool and collected but relieved at the same time.
The integrity of our election system has been questioned a great deal this November. From the Electoral College, to mishaps in electronic voting machines to curbside voting, something really needs to be done.
Integrity should be at the forefront of our election system, it doesn’t matter which way you lean on the political spectrum, it is for the common good of all for our system to be fair and squeaky-clean. Despite what some may say there are definitely problems with voting both here in North Carolina and all over the country. Factual evidence in the next election will clearly reveal the amount of fraudulent voting that takes place in NC. Once we see the Voter ID Bill pass which will require that a source of legal identification be presented before voting.
There is evidence in North Carolina of voter fraud and malfunctioning machines. A young lady approached me a few weeks ago stating that when she was at a polling place the machine automatically defaulted Barack Obama. I didn’t ask her whom she wanted to vote for, the issue is not the candidate in this situation, it is the fact that it happened in the first place. I didn’t bring this about to point fingers. I say that whether the machine defaulted Obama or Romney, the point is, it shouldn’t of happened at all for either candidate.
Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote in all the precincts in Philadelphia, its obvious that Philadelphia much like any other larger city is certainly overwhelmingly liberal but Mitt Romney somehow did not receive a single vote. That is literally almost impossible, there is definitely something crooked going on there.
Voting is one of, if not the most patriotic thing you can possibly do, next to serving in the military. The preservation of ethics and morals need to be at the forefront of our election process. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian – whoever it is, their votes need to be cast in a way that when leaving the polling place the voter has confidence in the system and is not worried about corruption or mishaps.
The amount of illegal aliens, deceased and actual people who never go to the polls or receive an absentee ballot that somehow cast votes is astonishing. People have actually voted numerous times with other people’s names that are still alive, and the person whose name they are using never knows.
Honestly, I think we should require a legal photo ID to vote, oust curbside and absentee in exception to soldiers, and open the early voting polls earlier. Polling places legally have to be handicap accessible so curbside should be completely out of the picture. Last but not least, have a registered Independent professional there to oversee the operation, to ensure that everything is done to perfection lacking any flaws.

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