WPU one-act play raises awareness and money

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By Katharine Barrett
“How far would you go to protect someone? How far would you go for revenge?”
These are the two questions pointedly posed by a flyer advertising the theater’s newest upcoming production “Still.”
This one-act play written and directed by senior Aneisha Montague details a family’s experience with domestic violence and the way it shapes their relationships with each other as well as their lives.
But this show is not just raising awareness, it’s also raising money for the Domestic Violence Hotline.  All proceeds and donations raised during the three nights the show is running will go to helping victims of domestic violence.  Old cell phones will also be collected and donated to the Domestic Violence Hotline.
The original version of this play was performed during Spring Showcase, but has now been expanded and rewritten to display the devastating effect that the lack of support and involvement can have on those affected by domestic violence.
“It doesn’t reflect the necessary actions that should be taken in this situation, but it does raise awareness,”  says Montague. “One in four women is affected by domestic violence and that’s something I want people to realize.”
“Still” opens Thursday November 29th and runs through December 1st, a total of three performances.   It will be in Leggett Theatre on the second floor of the main building at 7:30 p.m., and it tickets cost three dollars.

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