Red Carpet Season 2013

Picture of the Golden Globe Award

By Alexis Joynes

Guess what time it is?

It’s award season and viewers are flocking to the pre-show red carpet events.

Starting in late December award shows start airing and the millions tune in to get the inside scoop on channels like the E network and TV Guide who give red carpet access. Though these award shows usually take two plus hours, viewers will put in the time to watch.

The most popular award shows of the season are the Golden Globes awards, which aired on January 13th.

The Producer and Screen Actors Guild Awards known as SAG, were held on the January 26 and 27.

Finally the most important, The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, will be held on February 24.

NC State student and fashion lover Chassity Bethea says, “ Out of all the award shows I love the Oscars the most. I look forward to the celebrities going all out when it comes to fashion and seeing the new and upcoming trends.”

Another aspect that keeps fans tuning in is the drama! During many red carpet events there is fashion drama and also personal drama. Two people could be wearing the same dress, or in the case of this year’s Golden Globe awards, actress Jodie Foster announced her homosexuality.

And in addition to the drama, perhaps another reason we “regular people” watch these awards so faithfully is because we secretly want this glamorous life style.

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