Big traditions at a small university

Peace Fountaion bubbling over.

Every spring semester of every year something happens to the beautiful fountain that has become a landmark for WPU.  Seniors, near the end of the spring semester, celebrate by foaming the fountain.
Many schools, due to their large size, don’t have senior traditions like William Peace University.  Daniel Sherron, a biological sciences major at North Carolina State University, said, “There are no senior traditions that I know of, but I think it would be fun if there were to be a tradition.”
Samuel Birckhead, a political science major at State, said, “I think a senior tradition would be awesome, but hard to implement due to the large amount of students. I think that might have something to do with there not being any to begin with. If we did have a tradition ritual specifically to seniors I would most assuredly take part in it.”
Many seniors say the traditions are one of the many reasons why Peace is such a great school to be a part of. WPU senior, Shauna Yates, said, “Senior traditions sort of bring the college experience full circle. You come in with traditions and you leave with traditions. I think the foam fountain signifies the “countdown to the end,” It happens throughout the spring semester and occurs more frequently the closer it gets to graduation.”
Many underclassman may not know about the sudsy fountain, but it is a
tradition that has been in place for many decades and is sure to stay.

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