Peace vs. Meredith: No longer a women's school rivalry

Alumni Night 4_23_22-Angel Sutton

By Meghan Luffman

The biggest game of the season for the William Peace University women’s basketball team is when they play Meredith College.
Although this year added a twist because it was no longer two all-girls schools competing against each other to see who turns out to be the best.

“It was nice to have the guys there to support us,” said Rachel Lyons, a Peace senior basketball player.

“It always helps to have the crowd there to have our backs. It was a little different that it was not us competing to be the best all-girls school in Raleigh anymore, but that didn’t take away from the feeling of the rivalry. We still wanted to beat them just as badly as we did as ‘Peace College.’ As the years go by, the boys being here is not as brand new, the rivalry might become less bitter. But for right now, there is nothing sweeter than competing to beat Meredith.”

The Peace and Meredith game turned out to be just as hyped as the year before.

“I was definitely surprised by the number of guys at the game and to see that the rivalry between Peace and Meredith carried on to the co-ed generation,” said Callie Yohn, a Peace sophomore basketball player.

“The atmosphere was just as rowdy as the year before.”

Some students, especially Peace College girls, may agree that the guys added to the vibe of the gym and how the team played well together with the support of their school.

“It is almost as if the guys brought more spunk and enthusiasm to the gym,” said Kaitlynn Dionne, a William Peace University sophomore.

Even though Peace did not end up winning the game, every player played their heart out and it all came from the support of the crowd behind them. Peace will be getting another shot at Meredith at their court on February 6.

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