Spring Break on a Budget

Alumni Night 4_23_22-Angel Sutton

By Brittaney Crudup

Spring break is a time for students to kick back, relax and have fun without worrying about the burdens of homework.
“I love when spring break comes, because it is a time for me to get away from school and the stress and just have fun with my friends,” said WPU student Samantha Davis. One downside of Spring Break is the potential cost. The festivities can get expensive especially for a student’s budget.
When you think of going on a vacation you should think of places that you can afford, the scenery, the attractions, and if you’re old enough to attend different events. According to a recent survey, the most popular Spring Break trips for college students are cruises to the Bahamas, trips to Cancun, road trips to Panama City and Myrtle Beach. And some opt for the snow over the sun, with snowboarding trips to SnoDaze in Breckenridge, Co.
These trips can be surprisingly affordable with prices ranging from $100-$600. Many travel agencies are able to offer discount prices because of group rates.
“If I had to choose between the top places named it would be Panama City, because it is hot and the beach scenery is where it’s at and it is more affordable for my pockets cause a girl is balling on a budget,” said WPU student Ashley Bunch.

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