The transfer process

Peace aerial campus

By Calie Faulkner

Many students often transfer in and out of colleges for specific needs or reasons.

After at least one semester in college, some students may decide that the school they were attending was not the school for them. The next step is to transfer to a different university.

Sometimes the transfer process can be challenging.

One freshman described her transfer experience to WPU.

“The school I came from made it difficult to get my transcripts and everything in, but Peace worked with me about it,” said Faith Fleshman.

Completing the transfer process and becoming a student at a new university can be quite a process. Students must begin to learn their way around, meet people and professors.

Before transferring to a new college, it’s important to have your current transcript ready, contact the new university and see if you meet its requirements, visit the school to see if it fits your needs and begin the application process.

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