WPU Spirit Week a success

Winner in a red onesie.

By Olivia Worsham

William Peace University recently hosted Spirit Week for the first time. Spirit Week ended up being more of a success than expected. “It’s a way for students to have fun, win some prizes and show that they have school spirit,” said Christiane Newell, a sophomore at WPU.

On Monday it was Pajama day, on Tuesday it was Silly Hat Day, on Wednesday it was School Spirit Day, on Thursday it was Mix Matched Outfit Day, and on Friday it was Twin Day.

The students who participated in Spirit Week were also given the opportunity to win a prize. The Offices of Student Services were open from the time frame of 10 a.m. through 2 p.m. for students to visit their office and get a picture taken in their outfit. A daily winner was announced each afternoon. The winners of each day received their prize and had their winning photo displayed.

“My favorite day was probably PJ day because I love rocking my onesie, plus I won an awesome hot pink WPU ball cap,” said Newell.

After asking many people around campus, I quickly learned that the favorite amongst most students was also Pajama day.

Newell also said, “More people dressed up than I thought would. I think spirit week should definitely be continued as a tradition at Peace.”

Overall WPU may have found a new tradition worth carrying on. It is ultimately a way for students to have fun and express themselves and get involved in school spirit, even if it is through a tacky outfit or ninja turtle pajamas.

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