WPU students getting fit

Spring break and summer are just on the horizon and there are a lot of people on the William Peace University campus who are utilizing ways to get that ideal bathing suit bod.
Many students say they are beginning to start everything from workout regimens to weight loss diets – and some have begun to do both.
The gym classes at William Peace are filled to the brim this semester. Classes like strength training, pilates, and crossfit involve intense workouts that students are hoping will help them score a beach body.
WPU sophomore Samantha Davis said, “I decided to take pilates and strength training this semester even though I’m on the tennis team…I am serious about being in shape by this spring and I’m already seeing good results.”
Also, it is more likely to find students around William Peace limiting their consumption and choices of food. Those who choose just strictly the diet route usually are the ones who feel that they do not have time to exercise.
“I chose to diet because with two jobs and school, my schedule can be pretty demanding,” said sophomore brittaney Crudup. “I work out on occasion but dieting is all I really have time for.”
The cafeteria at William Peace is also beginning to do things to cater to the needs of those on diets with healthy choices such as a diverse salad bar, vegetarian selection, and healthy meal choices from day to day.
“I am actually on a diet that was made to go with the Body by Vi protein shakes, and the cafe has just about everything I need,” said Crudup. “That is very convenient for me.”
The Peace Perk located in the library at William Peace also has healthy snacks and foods available to students like sandwiches, salads, all fruit smoothies and fruit cups.

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