Restaurant review: Taste

Bar and tables inside of Taste Resturant

By Nikki Gusse

Not many people know about the new chic neighbor to the ever-so-popular college bar known as Crowley’s. “Taste”, an American tapas restaurant and wine and martini lounge, is located off Medlin Drive and Dixie Trail right across the street from Crowley’s bar.
The restaurant, which opened in September of 2012, is still relatively new and starting to make a name for itself.

General Manager and owner Edward Haag moved down from New York with his friend and co-owner Alex Unger with the dream of opening a tapas bar in the heart of Raleigh.

Today, their dream is in full motion with a complete menu of delicious small plates, craft beers, great wine and artisan cocktails. Unger, who is not only the co-owner but also the chef, whips up some delightful creations in the kitchen.

Followed by an amazing staff of waiters, Taste creates an atmosphere that is friendly and enjoyable.

“I think the best part about working at Taste is the people, everyone gets along so well and it makes for an awesome work environment,” said Taste waiter, Eric Carey.

The relaxed and dimly lit atmosphere is welcoming to customers of all ages.

The bar is particularly appealing for those stopping in to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail or two. The focus owners Haag and Unger want for Taste is on good food and drinks at a reasonable price.

The menu includes a variety of small plates to choose from as well as great weekly specials on drinks. Taste is welcoming to those who don’t have a lot to spend as well as those who do.

For the broke college kid type Taste provides high-quality food and drink for less, perfect for a break from campus cafeteria food.

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