Great game, but no food?

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By Taylor Hawkins

Would the average, 150 people, per basketball game at WPU benefit from having access to a concession stand while cheering on their team?

“If I hear people complain, it’s simply about how there are no concessions,” said Kevin Daniels, William Peace University Associate Athletic Director.

Some say having work-study students work concessions would be a great idea, while the school would benefit by bringing in easy earned money.

“A concession stand would raise money for stuff the team needs,” said Tyquan Nolan, a freshman WPU basketball player.

Some players say it sounds more rational to use money that was raised towards the athletic department, instead of using student’s tuition.

“I would benefit from a concession stand while watching the guys games because I always get hungry,” said Meghan Luffman, a sophomore WPU basketball player.

Most all other college sporting venues have a place for people to get food and drinks.

“People need beer and nachos while watching a sport, just like Nascar,” said Zachary Almond, a WPU freshman.

Daniels said people are constantly showing interest in food at the WPU games; they’re seen bringing in their own snacks and drinks.

“People are hungry, let them eat,” Daniels said.

Some people say it would change the whole atmosphere of the games if there was a place to get food.

“I’d have more fun at the games if there were more camaraderie and the edition of a concession stand would help,” said Sarah Osborne, a WPU sophomore.

The school says a concession stand could be an option in the near future.

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