The making of “Into the Woods”

Flyer of "Into the Woods" depicting a Red Hoddie

By Franny Badger

Into the woods to grandmother’s house we go.

Posters for William Peace University’s production of “Into the Woods” are being displayed all over campus. The actors and actresses have been spending a lot of time preparing for their premiere.

Auditions for Into the Woods were held this past August. Everyone who auditioned sang eight to 16 bars of a song and also read for the script.

After the auditions, the cast was selected, and they say they are going above and beyond to prepare for opening night.
Actors and actresses also do their own homework to help them become one with their character.

“I researched the time in which the story Rapunzel takes place, also their clothing and their mannerism to help me portray my character more efficiently,” said Dalton Hood, who plays Rapunzel’s prince.

The actors say being a part of the production is not just singing and memorizing lines. Both groups, behind and in the spotlight, work hard to put on a good show.

“When you are a actor you have a lot to do,” said WPU junior Hannah Murphy.

“You have to remember your lines and your song, and how to sing your song such as notes and on top of that you have to be acting through it all. And with being backstage you have to make sure everything is organized, and make sure the director and actors are all happy, so it is a lot of work for both sides.”

Into the Woods is a whole different world for the people that are a part of it. Actor Erin Darcy said, “Making Into the Woods, when I get on stage, it’s not just stage anymore. Your’re in the woods, literally. And everything you see, touch and feel is the woods. Not one thing is the same, it’s the ultimate journey.”

“Into the Woods” will run from Feburary 13 through 23. More information can be found at

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