Crossfit is the new fitness buzzword

Michelle Peace Photos

By Maddie Irvin

Crossfit is an elite fitness and conditioning program that has gained a serious following, not only in the United States, but internationally as well. The Crossfit Games are held annually and shown all over ESPN, where the “Fittest on Earth” come to compete. But what is Crossfit, and why is it so different from other exercise routines?

“[Crossfit is] constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity,” said Kevin Daniels, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at William Peace University.

“Its definition is what makes it different.”

Crossfit facilities continue to pop up around North Carolina, with several locations in Raleigh, Cary, and Wake Forest. With its increasing popularity, Crossfit classes are now offered at WPU. Daniels is also a certified Crossfit instructor, and holds these sessions during the week.

Jessica Littleton, a WPU sophomore, is just one of the many students and faculty in attendance at these sessions.

“It’s painful, but at the same time you know it’s going to pay off,” said Littleton. With increasing popularity, attendance at the WPU Crossfit sessions continues to grow.

Daniels provides further insight into the rising attendance, saying, “It’s popular because it’s effective. Its methods work towards weight loss and muscle gain.”

Crossfit sessions at WPU are held in the Hermann Athletic Center Monday through Friday at 1 p.m., with 5 p.m. sessions on Tuesday and Friday.

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